Video of police officer beating a woman with a child becomes viral

  • February 28, 2020

A video of Nepal Police Inspector Devi Prasad Poudel beating a woman who is holding a baby has become viral on social media – most users shocked at the apparent violence. The incident occurred on Thursday at Bhaisepati.

Hema Shrestha, the victim had entered the house of retired army officer Hem Khatri to observe an ensuing commotion. According to media reports, the commotion occurred due to a dispute between army officer Khatri and another woman Mala Shah.

Mala had been staging a protest outside Khatri’s house since 3 days claiming that she is the wife of army officer Khatri. Khatri denies any relationship with Mala, whereas Mala claims she has been married to him for 2 decades. Hema Shrestha, the woman seen being beaten up in the video is said to be unrelated to the dispute.

Meanwhile, Lalitpur Police had earlier held discussions to resolve the ongoing issue. Shah also claims that Khatri has taken NRS 2 million from her. With no conclusion in sight, police advised Shah to either go to court or women’s commission with the help of a lawyer. Thereafter, Shah had been protesting in the premise of Khatri’s house.

On Thursday, she along with a few other activists entered Khatri’s home. Khatri’s daughter who was alone in the house at the time, had to seek police’s help to disperse the crowd. Police in a bid to disperse the crowd had to use force. Poudel, who is in charge of the Metropolitan Police Circle, Bhaisepati, says that normal force was used after Shrestha and others broke into Khatri’s house and created a commotion.

Lalitpur police has begun an investigation forming a three-member investigation committee led by Durga Singh, Superintendent of Police (SP).