Viral Fever Grips Galfagad Folks Im Humla

Locals at Galfagad at Adanchuli Rural Municipality-2 in Humla district have been suffering from viral fever for some days now. The cases of viral fever are on the rise in the locality.

The lack of health facility in the locality having 30 households has made those infected ones and their families gravely worried. The nearest health post is in an hour of walking distance.

Singha Bhandari, a local, grieved that local taken ill with minor infections or general health issues are bereft of timely medical attention in lack of health post in their locality.

According to him, more worrying factor is the lack of essential and basic medicines against diarrhea, fever, acidity among others in every household due to which providing medical treatment to already ill children and elderly becomes further difficult and they may have to experience further aggravation of their ailment.

Rural Municipality health coordinator Hansa Mahatara shared that he was unaware of any cases of viral fever in Galfagad village.

If they are notified of the infection, they are ready to provide medical intervention, assured Mahatara.

Source : RSS,