Viral Fever Patients Increasing In Bajura

Number of patients suffering from viral fever has started increasing in Bajura district in recent days.

Children below five years of age are mostly affected by the disease, said Dr Prakash Raj Joshi, Chief of the District Hospital.

He said 37 children were treated for viral fever over the last two weeks and still the rate of infection has not decreased.

Four children who needed advanced treatment and could not be treated at the District Hospital have been referred to bigger hospitals in cities, Auxiliary Nursing Midwife (ANM) Bishnu Kumari Rawal said.

Although the symptoms look like seasonal flu, the number of patients suffering from fever and pneumonia has been increasing.

Daily 15 to 20 viral fever patients have been coming to the Hospital seeking treatment, said Nriparaj Giri, Information Officer at the Hospital. He added that 10 patients have been hospitalized.

Viral fever patients have increased at Khaptad Chhededaha Rural Municipality, according to the Aatichaur Health Post in-charge Ramesh Bahadur Oli.

Similarly, the number of people suffering from viral fever has climbed at Kolti Primary Health Centre in the north-east part of the district.

Source : RSS,