‘Visit Sauraha Campaign’ To Attract Tourists In Sauraha

The tourism entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in Chitwan have decided to launch ‘Visit Sauraha’ campaign in order to revive the tourism industry dented by the Covid-19 pandemic for long.

District Coordination Committee, Ratnanagar Municipality, Regional Hotel Association Sauracha chapter are jointly launching the campaign, giving a message that ‘Sauraha is safe’.

The tourism entrepreneurs are all set to work in coordination for the campaign. They will reach all seven provinces and make people aware that Sauraha is safe.

They began reopening the hotels and restaurants since the Tourism Day.

Chairman of Regional Hotel Association Sauraha chapter, Dipak Bhattarai, said although they had planned to launch the campaign before Dashain festival, it was delayed because of Covid-19.

He informed that people from various cities across the country would be invited to visit Sauraha. One of the major tourist hubs in the country, Sauraha, has seen scant arrival of tourists in the recent days.

“We had expected that Sauraha would see tourists’ arrival during Dashain and Tihar but in vain. We’re prepared to ensure safety to tourists by adhering to the health protocols. However, there are very few tourists here,” Bhattarai shared the plight.

The arrival of tourists is only five to seven percent now. The severe decline in tourism activities has resulted in joblessness and closure of business, according to him.

In normal time, it is the peak season for tourism in Sauraha. Hotels used to be packed, entrepreneurs busy on welcoming and guiding tourists in Chitwan National Park.

Now, the hoteliers have announced the discount of 25 to 30 percent as Covid package.

Comparatively, restaurants attract more tourists. Of the total tourists, restaurants occupy some 30 percent, said Chairman of Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal Sauraha, Dipendra Khatiwada.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,