Vivah Panchami celebration begins today

Janaki Mandir is a Hindu temple in Janakpur in the Mithila region of Nepal, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Sita.

The Janaki Temple is being adorned with flowers and colourful lights for the Vivah Panchami festival.

The week-long festival, which marks the day Goddess Sita married Lord Ram, is beginning from Wednesday.

The first day is celebrated with a ceremonial tour of the city of Janakpurdham in a ritual known as Nagar Darshan. The second day is when the Phulbari Leela (Flower Garden Tale) is celebrated. The third day is the day for Dhanush Yagya (Bow Oblation), the fourth is Tilakotsav, fifth is Matkor and the sixth is the day for Sita and Ram’s wedding.

On the seventh and last day, people of Janakpur bid farewell to Ram’s marriage procession which comes every year from Ayodhya, India.

Source : TRN,