Weather Improving From Today

Weather influenced due to impact of westerly wind from Thursday is improving from today.

The weather is improving from today as the system has already been exit from the country. Weather at the most of the places across the nation remained cloudy and rainfall took place from Thursday. Similarly, high-hilly and mountainous areas witnessed snowfall.

Meteorologist Sabina Shakya said that there was no possibility of development of any weather system in next few days.

Kathmandu Valley has experienced chilling cold today due to snowfall at hills surrounding it. The minimum temperature of Kathmandu Valley dipped to 1.0 degree Celsius today.

It was 3.5 degree Celsius on Saturday.

Now, the sky at hilly areas of Province 1 is partly cloudy while other parts would remain clear.

As per the latest details of Meteorologist Forecasting Division, today’s minimum temperature of Kathmandu Valley was 1.0 degree Celsius and minimum temperature 19.0 degree Celsius.

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