When Visitor Gharti Tried To Steal Crown From Narayanhiti

As usual days, the people were observing the Narayanhiti Durbar Palace Museum on Friday. Hundreds of people were visiting various rooms of the palace to observe various historical objects used by the former royal family.
Khem Bahadur Gharti, 25, of Rukum West Musikot Municipality-11, was also in the same crowd. He reached the room where the crown of deposed king Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah was kept.
The crown is in a bulletproof glass showcase. Khukuri, a local Nepali weapon, is also there in the showcase. And five Nepali Army security personnel have been deployed for its protection.
Gharti’s gait changed when he reached the room where the crown was. First, he tried to take out the khukuri by trying to break the showcase containing the khukuri. After seeing this, the museum staff with the help of security personnel took him under control.
After taking Gharti under control, he was handed over to Durbar Marg-based Metropolitan Police Circle, said Buddhi Gurung, Information Officer of the museum.
“Our security guards stand there all the time when someone comes to visit the palace,” he told The Rising Nepal. “There is no possibility of theft. But when Gharti, who came with hundreds of people to observe, tried to break the glass showcase with the khukuri, we immediately took him under control.”
During the interrogation with the police, Gharti gave a statement that he tried to revive the monarchy by wearing a crown. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Rameshwar Poudel of Durbarmarg Metropolitan Police Circle, said, “Gharti has given a statement to us that he wants to declare himself a King.” Further inquiries are continuing, he said. It is understood that the mental state of the man was not stable,” DSP Poudel said.
According to the police, Gharti had returned to Nepal from Bahrain after foreign employment a year ago. DSP Poudel said Gharti’s family members have also informed the police that his mental condition had not improved since he returned to Nepal from Bahrain. 

Source : TRN,