Why unholy works in holy Lumbini, Minister Kirati questions

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has questioned why unholy works were being carried out in holy land of Lumbini. He blamed that the management of Lumbini Development Trust was responsible behind bad repute of Lumbini.

Minister Kirati made such comment after being briefed by the officials of the Trust at the ministry on Sunday. The officials appointed by the government for the development of Lumbini must not forget their roles, he said.

The holy religious and tourism destination was complained of full of pasture and garbage, according to the Minister. “Lumbini is much revered place from national and international observation. It is the heart of world Buddhist people. Lumbini is polluted and turned into pasture. But, how can to be mute spectator to this?” It was what Minister Kirati said seeking accountability from Trust officials.

According to the Minister, there must not be any activities to spoil development in Lumbini. The structures built in the area should be utilized. If there were any policy hurdles, the ministry could facilitate. He directed the officials to forward works by preparing a work plan and submit its report.

“It is not a stunt. We are not for stunt to gain cheap popularity by promoting and transferring employees. Irrespective of the past, the employees must correct themselves now. It is time for evaluation of performance. Now, performance is needed,” he underscored. (RSS)