Willing to contribute homeland Nepal? Brain Gain Center is the answer

15 May 2019

There are increasing number of Nepali diasporas who are willing to contribute or utilize their expertise in Nepal. If you fall in this category, then Nepal Government has established a user-oriented platform called “Brain Gain Center” for you to provide your information and contribute to Nepali projects.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal has established the initiative to recognise and mobilise the expertise of Nepali diaspora. Nepal Government aims to collect information of Nepali diaspora experts focusing on their numbers, expertise, current engagements and interest.

The platform will connect ministries, government agencies and academic and social institutions with the diaspora experts and will create a network within the diaspora to discuss about their contribution to Nepal. Further, the project will create opportunities for collaborating with experts at home.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pradeep Gyawali says the project “Brain Gain Center” will help to institutionalise and make the contribution of diaspora to Nepal more effective at the time when there is increase of “Brain drain”.

Brain Gain Center