Woman, lover hire hitmen to kill husband

  • March 2, 2018

Police in Birgunj said a woman has attempted to kill her husband with the help from her lover and two hitmen.

Umesh Prasad Chaurasiya of Birgunj was shot at on Wednesday night, but he survived the attack.

Police said his wife Priyanka had used her lover and hired two hitmen with the motive to kill her husband, according to police investigation.

Ganesh Regmi, superintendent of police in the district confirmed that the wife had deployed three individuals to kill husband. “It’s a bit strange case. We have arrested all the three accused involved in the incident as well as the weapons used, within six hours of incident,” said Regmi.

Umesh, who was working in Dubai for the past seven years, had married Priyanka in Birgunj some three years ago. After the marriage, he returned to Dubai even after making arrangement for Priyanka to persue auxilliary nursing midwifery course in Nepal.

But Priyanka started an affair with Bibek Kumar Gupta, who worked at the Trauma Center of Apollo Center in Birgunj.

“Both Priyanka and lover Bikendra have already admitted that they plotted to kill [Umesh] in order to continue their relations,” said SP Regmi.