Woman Priest Appointed At Annapurna Narayan Temple

Kathmandu branch office of Guthi Sansthan has appointed a woman as the priest of Annapurna Narayan temple located at Asan of Kathmandu Metropolitan City-27.

Chief of Kathmandu branch office, Hari Prasad Subedi, informed Rastriya Samachar Samiti that the branch on Thursday appointed Sahanshila Jha to the post.

However, Jha is not the first woman priest, he added.

Earlier, women priests were appointed at the temples including Panchadewal of Godavari, according to the Guthi Sansthan. Shahanshila was appointed as a woman priest after her brother, Pramod, who was a priest at the temple, went abroad. She was appointed to the post for a maximum of five years with a one-year probation period.

Source : RSS,