Women Alliance Calls For Stern Action Against Guilty Of VAW

Inter-Party Women’s Alliance has demanded stern action against the guilty as criminal activities like violence against women, rape, murder, torture given in the name of witchcraft, and acid attack have not stopped even at a time when the world has been facing problem due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Alliance asked the bodies concerned to take action against the guilty and justice to the victim in deference to the sentiments of democratic republic, federalism and good governance for rule of law by establishing network of fast-track court.

A team comprising Alliance Chairperson Sabitra Bhusal met with President of State Affairs and Good-Governance Committee under the House of Representatives and Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa separately on Tuesday and drew their attention in this regard.

They demanded maximum punishment to the guilty and justice to the victims by carrying out free and fair investigation on the serious types of incidents.

On the occasion, President Shrestha and Home Minister Thapa briefed that the Committee has already directed the bodies concerned including the Home Ministry over the issue of formulating necessary laws, amending then existing laws to stop human rights violation cases against women.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,