Women Marking Teej Festival Today

Hindu women throughout the country are observing the festival of Teej or Haritalika Teej on Thursday.
As per the Hindu tradition, women on the third day of dark half in the month of Bhadra observe a day-long fast wishing for a prosperous life and perpetual luck and happiness of their family, husband and children.
A day before Teej, in the night of the second day of the fortnight, women enjoy a variety of delicacies known as Dar in Nepali at their parental homes where they are invited for the purpose.

On the day of Teej, the women put on bangles, necklace made of glass beads, and vermillion powder which are considered the symbol of good luck.

They take ritual baths and offer worships in the morning while in the evening they pay homage to Lord Shiva, light lamps and stay awake at night.
Both married and unmarried women worship Lord Shiva and observe fast, praying for a happy and prosperous conjugal life. Unmarried women worship Shiva and Parvati with a belief of getting an eligible groom.
Donned in red saris and decorated with different ornaments, the women spend the day dancing in groups.

In Kathmandu, women offer prayers at Pashupatinath temple while outside the valley they visit Shiva temples. But, this year, the Pashupatinath temple will not open on the day of Teej festival.
According to Member Secretary of Pashupati Area Development Committee (PADT) Dr. Milan Kumar Thapa, the PADT is unable to reopen the doors of Pashupatinath temple on the occasion of Teej this year due to the fears of COVID-19.
Former treasurer of the Trust, Thapa was recently appointed to the post of member secretary.

Source : TRN,