Women Will Learn Documentary Making

Kipalaya Production and Plan International are jointly organising a documentary making workshop for 10 interested women.

The documentary workshop is going to be held under the worldwide campaign of Plan International ‘Girls get equal representation’.

It is claimed that the characters of women in Nepali films are given the unnatural and status-quoist roles.

The workshop is being organised to increase the number of women filmmakers and to break the various stereotypes on women in the Nepali film industry, said the organisers.

Executive director of the workshop Aashma Pokharel said that they would call for applications, focusing women from across the country and out of the received applications, 10 women would be selected for the documentary making workshop.

With the aim of providing fundamental education on filmmaking, the workshop is going to be held and all interested women from across the country are requested to apply for the workshop, said Pokharel.

She added that the workshop would be held in Kathmandu and Chitlang for a month and the women who have basic knowledge on filmmaking would be given priority.

Kipalaya project head Nawa Bijaya Shrestrha informed that the training would focus on both theoretical and practical knowhow of filmmaking.

The first step of the training will be organised in Kathmandu in which the participants will be imparted fundamental knowledge on filmmaking.

In the second phase training, which will be held in Chitlang of Makwanpur district, the participants will be given practical knowledge of filmmaking.

Interested women aged between 18 and 24 years can apply for the workshop till April 23.

The organisers have no plan to charge any fee for the selected participants, informed the organisers.