Women’s Commission Meets Only 50% Of Goals

Over the last year, the National Women Commission (NWC) was able to achieve only half of its set goals due to COVID-19. At a press interaction on Wednesday, the commission’s chairperson Kamala Kumari Parajuli informed that the commission had trouble reaching and rescuing the victims of violence because of the pandemic.
Similarly, the coronavirus outbreak also prevented the commission from carrying out various studies and research works and conducting field monitoring activities. Another challenge that the NWC has been facing throughout its work was the long-term rehabilitation of victims.
Parajuli also informed that the commission provided a range of services including psychosocial counselling, legal aid and crisis centres.
“People question the commission’s existence. They say that non-governmental organisations do all the work and the commission does nothing. But I want to let everyone know that that is not true,” Parajuli clarified. “The organisations are our partners, they support our work but they do not work independently. Their work falls under the larger scope of the National Women Commission’s work.”
To mitigate the challenges, the commission plans to prepare policy recommendations and focus on building networks through collaborations with various institutions. It also stated that it planned to expand its helpline 1145 to the provinces and ensure that it functions with the government’s own resources.
The commission also plans to prepare a roster of gender experts to help it empower women in various parts of the country.
“The commission will also prioritise the inclusion of all women and all women-related issues,” Parajuli said.