Writing Lyrics A Passion: Belbase

Keshav Sharma Belbase, who was born and was brought up in Bhairahawa, has jotted down songs that have hit the right chords of the listeners.

Belbase’s fame as a lyricist has recently gone up with the release of his various music videos and albums.

Some of his songs have been crooned by the famous singers of Nepali music. He has brought out a total of four albums that included hit songs.

Female singer Anju Pant has crooned his song, ‘ Ankha Rashayera Ke Bho,’ which was composed by RajanTimisina.

SugamPokhrel, another noted male vocalist of the Nepali music arena, sang, ‘ Timi Hidne Bato,’ which drew many rave reviews.

Both the songs sung by Pant and Pokhrel were nominated for Hit FM, Image, and Bindabasini song awards.

A heartthrob of many, singer Pramod Kharel has sung, ‘Yo Mutu Jalai Unle Mero’.

The song became an instant hit as the noted singer Kharel gave it a fine rendition.

He also penned a peppy song, Photo Khichikka, which was liked by many music lovers and listeners of Nepali songs.

Young female singer Melina Rai has sung, Najanera Hoina Jani Jani Bhayo’ which created a ripple in Nepali music-dom.

The son of Maha Sharma and Chandra Sharma Belbase, he does not only pen peppy songs for young listeners but has scripted devotional songs. His creation, Lumbini Shanti Bhumi, is one of such songs that has captured the attention of many who have a deep respect for the Buddha’s birthplace.

What is remarkable about this devotional song is that it has been sung by noted Nepali female singer Kunti Moktan.

Moktan’s hubby, ShilaBahadur, has arranged the song.

His other famous songs are Thulo Jat Sano Jat (singer-Kishor BK), Timile Sodheka Prasna Tardai Chhu (Singer-Manish Godar), and TimiGungunayau Mo K Garu (Singer-Raj Sigdel).

DashainAayo (Saraswoti Lama Bhujel), Mo Hu Sadak Baalak (NipaChhetri),Muktinath Bhajan (Singer-Rita Kc) and Marubhumi Bata Chari(Singer-Durga B.K) are other songs.

Many of his songs have been rendered into music videos in which noted male and female artists from the Nepali tinsel town have acted.

Writing songs is a passion for Belbase, who teaches Population Study at Baharawaha Campus.

Gazhal writer Boond Rana and lyricist and writer RajendraThapa have inspired him to write lyrics.

He follows and likes Raj Sigdel Kunit Moktan the most among the Nepali singers while Neha Kakkar and Arijit Singh are the ones whom he likes the most. Bob Marley, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande are the western singers he follows.

Source : TRN,