Yampa-Ghasi Kuwa section of Prithvi Highway to be blocked five hours daily

The works to extend the Pokhara-Muglin road section are in full swing. The roads are going to be blocked for five hours daily to complete the expansion of two-lane road into four lanes under the national highway improvement and expansion programme.

The works are going to be carried out from Sunday from 11pm to four am in the Yampa Phat and Ghasi Kuwa road section.

The works are going to be done by closing the roads until further notice to prevent accidents, said Narendra Subedi, Project Chief of Muglin-Pokhara road section. He added that works are going to be carried out in the night as there will be less vehicular movements and people will not have to face inconvenience.

China Communication Construction has got the tender of expansion of east section of the project which is under way. Chief Subedi informed that 3014 trees have been cut down until now. The work in west (Jamune-Pokhara) section of the project has also started, and Anhui Kaiyuan Highway and Bridge Construction Company has got the tender. The road which was mapped in 1944 AD is planned to be extended after Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided the loan. They have called a tender of the 80- km road by dividing it into two sections.

The total budget of the east section is Rs. 6,213,100,000 while that of west section is Rs. 7,404,600,000, and 31 motorable bridges are set to be constructed under the project. They have started survey to keep records of the damaged infrastructures and distribute compensation. Project Chief Subedi said that road diversions are placed in four places to avoid traffic jam and accidents.

According to Subedi, 17 bridges will be made in east section and 12 bridges in the west section while separate tenders will be called for the remaining two bridges.

Source : TRN,