Yes, Rajendra Mahato’s citizenship was stripped. No, Not the one you are thinking about

  • August 5, 2019

Photo Supplied: Facebook

State media yesterday pulled out a list of eight people whose Nepali citizenship status was revoked. Their names were, Rajendra Mahato, Ashok Shah, Binde Mahato, Danadevi Mahato, Sushil Mahato, Rajeshwor Mahato, Rajeshwor Mahato, Ramkishor Mahato, and Rajkumar Mahato. Their citizenship status was revoked because they were allegedly found gaining citizenship via fraudulent documents.

Meanwhile, a few media outlets picked this up – they assumed it was RJP N leader Rajendra Mahato, who is also an elected member of HoR. Once the media picked it up, a few public shared it, and the news just became viral.

Meanwhile, HoR member Rajendra Mahato today was heard criticising the government of not releasing the names with their respective address – which caused the entire confusion.