Yoga has huge significance for stress-free, healthy life: PM Deuba

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that yoga has an important role in developing a stress-free and peaceful mind and disease-free healthy body.

He said this while addressing a programme organized here today by the Embassy of India, Kathmandu on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga.

The PM said, “Regular yoga practice instils internal energy and discipline as well as helps develop positive qualities including efficiency in work performance, motivation and self-knowledge. This is proven by experience. Especially, yoga has a significant role in the prevention and cure of non-communicable diseases and mental rehabilitation. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the feeling of yoga for a healthy life to all the people.”

Extending best wishes for happiness, peace, prosperity and good health to the entire human race on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga, June 21, PM Deuba said yoga which is related to our rich tradition and life philosophy gained the worldwide respect after the United Nations announced on December 11, 2014, to celebrate June 21 each year as the International Day of Yoga.

He said Nepal had seconded the proposal put in the United Nations by friendly country India to observe June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. The Prime Minister said the international theme of the International Day of Yoga this year is ‘Yoga for Humanism’.

PM Deuba described yoga not only as a form of physical exercise but also as a scientific lifestyle and way of living to be adopted while observing definite rules, methods and processes. Yoga is a process of connecting the mind and the body through various asanas (postures), practice and rigorous meditation.

Stating that the Himalayan region is known since historical times as the place of origin of yoga as the Himalayan mountain range is the holy land of meditation of the hermits and sages, the Prime Minister believed yoga, which also has a direct link to our Vedic civilization, would further the ties, brotherhood and goodwill and tolerance between Nepal and India.

“The various elements of yoga as astanga yoga exercises, niyamas, asanas, pranayama, pratyahar, dharana, dhyana and samadhi gave a firm foundation by Maharshi Patanjali are in the process of expanding throughout the world,” the PM said, adding that the physical exercise, yoga medication and treatment is not only physically beneficial but is also beneficial and useful from the spiritually.

He expressed the conviction that the tradition of observing the International Day of Yoga will give us all positive vibes and energy. (RSS),