Youth Association To Distribute 5 Lakh Membership

The National Youth Association, a sister organization of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is to expand its membership with a target to make 500,000 new members. The Association targets to distribute 500,000 membership by mid-April.    
This was decided by the two-day central committee meeting of the Association held recently. Sharing the decisions of the meeting at a press meet held here on Saturday, newly elected Chair of the Association Bachan Bahadur Singh said along with the new membership new district committees shall be formed in all the 77 districts, federal constituency coordination committees in 165 constituencies while 330 provincial constituency coordination committees and 753 local level committees will be formed.    
All the committees will also have a cyber unit to help protect the freedom of the country and the achievements of the people’s movement. The association has also decided to run a special campaign to publicize the success and achievements of the present government.    
Stating that the youths of the country have not been able to connect themselves with the policy and programmes of the state, the meeting has demanded with the government to build an atmosphere conducive to the youths with a youth-friendly policy and ensuring their constitutional rights.    
Chair Singh also shared that the meeting has directed all the committees to participate actively in the election to the House of Representatives scheduled to be held on coming April 30 and May 10.    

Source : RSS,