Doctors at Grande International perform successful brain aneurysm coiling

Kathmandu, March 7, 2019

A team of Interventional Radiology at Grande International Hospital has successfully performed cerebral aneurysm coiling on 21st February, 2019.
The medical team led by Dr. Subash Phuyal performed the highly demanding procedure on a 60-year-old woman from Lamjung.
After complaining of severe headache and loss of consciousness, she was brought to emergency department of GIH . Her CT brain showed diffused hemorrhage and thus was immediately taken for the Angiogram in Cathlab.
She was found to have cerebral aneurysm which is the devastating fatal condition if not treated on time.
According to Dr. Phuyal, Consultant Neuro Imaging and Interventional Radiologist, this is the condition where blood vessel in brain balloons out and get ruptured leading to the death of the patient.
“As an emergency, the patient was taken up for aneurysm coiling. It is the latest technological advancement in treating brain aneurysm through endovascular surgery.” Dr. Phuyal said, ” A small Catheter is sent into brain through the artery of leg and coiling is done to obliterate the aneurysm.”
The medical team was supported by Anesthesia team of Dr. Abhinash Gurung, Dr. Archan Adhikari, Dr. Ashok Khadka and Dr. Sujata Niraula.
Similarly, the nursing team included Krishtina Shahi, Meera Maharjan and Anu Ale. Rajeev Banrait, Saroj Chhetri and Baidyanath Yadav supported them technically.
The patient is doing well and has been discharged from the hospital. One of the relatives of patient, Amrit Gurung expressed gratitude towards GIH and its entire medical team. “We are so happy for what Dr. Phuyal has done,” he said.
“As a part of pursuit of advanced technology and scientific innovation, Grande International Hospital succeeds to perform cerebral aneurysm coiling. This gives patients of Nepal to get best and contemporary treatment in our own land,” said Dr. Chakra Raj Panday, Medical Director of the hospital.