Facebook on the lookout for ‘Fake News’ and inappropriate content publishers

  • January 25, 2018

2018-01-25, Pankaj Thapa

Any news media organisation – big or small, in this day of age cannot undermine the amount of traffic Facebook brings them. So obviously, when on 11th Jan, Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO/Founder announced a reduction in the amount of content that would be displayed in a user’s newsfeed would show more friends/family content rather than public news, newsmakers worried, naturally.

An informative video by Al-Jazeera explained how any decision Zuckerberg announces is a business decision – urging you to be skeptic. The video explains Facebook and other social medias being attacked by different national governments and different laws being adopted to protect a user’s privacy and the ever pervasive fake news. The video says Zuckerberg has not addressed the issue of the fake news and the inappropriate content.

Perhaps as a response to that, Zuckerberg assured Facebook users through another status update which can also be construed as a subtle message to fake news media regarding their content.

Zuckerberg in a recent update (as shown in screenshot) has said that users will be served with survey regarding content and their trustworthiness. Thus, Zuckerberg and the Facebook corporation have very cleverly given the power back to their users. Users will provide feedback and Facebook will take necessary steps. Zuckerberg has also assured small local media publishers that unfamiliarity of source will not be accounted for rather feedback from users who know the source will be accounted.

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDHXO1Qju0I