Athletes from 16 countries participating in Safal Pokhara International Marathon

Athletes from various 16 countries will participate in the 17th edition of the Safal Pokhara International Marathon scheduled to take place in Pokhara from tomorrow (Saturday).

Athletes from Nepal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Serbia, Egypt, the United States of America, Switzerland, Australia, Russia, Philippines, Hong Kong, France, the United Kingdom and Poland have been registered for the race, said the organiser Ex Sports Forum Nepal.

For Nepal, athletes from 37 districts of all seven provinces will take part in it. So far, 8,000 athletes have registered their name for the race under all categories, said the Forum Chairperson Hari Prasad Parajuli. Under open category, 150 athletes are competing while 35 under half marathon (women).

Similarly, under 10 km (men), 1,500 athletes are vying, and under women, 600. Under 5 km (boy), 1,600 students from various 70 schools have got their registration, and under girl, 600.

Under wheelchair, 47 athletes have been registered, under blind, 90 and under ‘fun for fun’, 5,000.

Under marathon (42.195 km), winner will get Rs 500,000 in cash, first runner-up Rs 300,000 and second runner-up Rs 200,000.

Winner from Gandaki Province will receive Rs 50,000, first runner-up Rs 30,000, and second runner-up Rs 20,000.

Under half marathon (women), winner will get Rs 150,000, first runner-up Rs 100,000, second runner-up Rs 75,000, and third runner-up Rs 15,000.

Similarly, under 10 km (both women and men), winner will receive Rs 30,000, first runner-up Rs 20,000 and second runner-up Rs 15,000.

Under five km (both girl and boy students), winner will have Rs 15,000, first runner-up Rs 10,000 and second runner-up Rs 7,000.

Also, under wheelchair and blind (both women and men), winner will get Rs 10,000, first runner-up Rs 7,000 and second runner-up Rs 5,000.

The Pokhara Marathon this year has got the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) statue.

Sujal Dairy Pvt Ltd has been a main sponsor for the race since 2072 BS. Similarly, other various organisations have provided monetary assistances, said the organiser, adding that Rs 9.3 billion is estimated for the marathon. (RSS)