Scots say 2K virus cases related to Euro 2020

(AP) — Scottish authorities have reported nearly 2,000 coronavirus cases linked to watching European Championship games in stadiums, public gatherings, pubs or private homes.

The data focuses on the first two weeks of Euro 2020 when the national team played two games at Hampden Park in Glasgow and one against England in London. The 1,991 coronavirus cases are only Scottish residents.

Public Health Scotland says 1,294 of the people infected had traveled to London for the England game on June 18. But it says only 397 of them were at Wembley Stadium for the match.

The PHS report found 55 cases connected to the fanzone in Glasgow. There were 38 positive tests linked to Scotland’s game against Croatia and 37 from the match against the Czech Republic.

Cases were tagged as being related to Euro 2020 even if the person attended an informal gathering. About three quarters of the cases were people between the ages of 20 and 39. Nine out of 10 infections involved men.

Public Health Scotland did not immediately respond to a question about how many of the people infected had been vaccinated.

Dutch public broadcaster NPO has apologized for wrongly subtitling the German national anthem when it was played before the team’s European Championship match against England in London.

The NPO subtitling department’s Twitter account says “the wrong verse was accidentally shown” and has apologized to viewers who were offended by the error.

The verse beginning “Deutschland, Deutschland ueber alles” was dropped in post-World War II Germany.

England beat Germany 2-0 on Tuesday to advance to the Euro 2020 quarterfinals.