Solo paragliding suspended in Nepal

Source: TripAdvisor

March 6, 2019

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal(CAAN), Pokhara has suspended solo paragliding following repeated accidents involving solo para-gliders in the past few days. The CAAN Office in Pokhara issued a statement suspending solo paragliding until further notice.
This week alone three para-gliders met with an accident, leading to the death of two para-glider pilots while two more were injured. Many of the foreign para-glider pilots were found to have been flying in a different area, after taking permission to fly in a particular area.
Chief of CAAN in Pokhara, Bhola Prasad Guragain said more than 200 solo pilots had taken flight permission in the past ten days. However, all the permission now remains suspended. A foreign citizen can acquire a 15-day permission for non-commercial flight with the use of a para-glider.