COVID-19 Cases Sharply Rise In Karnali

With the emergence of second wave of COVID-19 and its spread at the community level, the districts of Karnali Province have recorded a large number of Corona Virus patients.

In order to break the chains of virus spread, the community and private schools are closed from the last week while a weeklong prohibitory order is imposed in Surkhet from April 27. Other districts have also restricted the non-essential gatherings and programmes.

The Karnali Province Government has also taken tough steps in the entry of newcomers in the province from different entry points. Despite such steps taken, the infection rate has not come down.

In the past one week, the number of COVID-19 patients has increased by almost 75 per cent on daily basis, Director of Karnali Province Hospital Prof Dr Dambar Khadka said. On Wednesday, the districts of Karnali recorded 311 new cases including 215 from Surkhet district.
The hospitals in the districts are crowded with the COVID-19 patients.

He said that lack of skilled human resources in such emergency has affected the service delivery, he added.

Dr Khadka said that maximum of 100 ICU beds can be run if they were provided with skill human resources to handle the equipments.

With the recent updates, the total caseload reached almost 9,000 in Karnali Province while the province recorded 39 COVID-19 deaths.

Source : RSS,