All Nepali Nationals Safe in Sri Lanka

Source: Stills from report

April 22, 2019

Bishwambhar Pyakurel, Nepal’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka said that all Nepali nationals are safe in Sri Lanka.

Pyakurel speaking to Republica , a national daily in Nepal, said, “ All Nepali nationals in Sri Lanka are safe, We are closely monitoring the situation.”

Currently, there are around 400 Nepali nationals residing in Sri Lanka.

Similarly, according to Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, one Australian national was injured and has not received any reports of fatalities.

A series of coordinated bombings on three churches and three luxury hotels killed at least 207 people on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.

405 people are injured which is believed to be suicide bombings. No groups have claimed responsibility of the attacks where most of those killed were locals, while 36 foreigners are believed to be dead.

According to reports, among the foreigners three are from India, one from the Netherlands, two from Denmark and China, two from Turkey, one from Portugal, three from Britain and two from US. There 25 unidentified bodies believed to be foreigners according to Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka. 19 foreigners were injured and treated in Colombo national hospital. However, the numbers might change as specific details come in.