Hong Kong anti-government protester shot in chest by riot police

  • October 2, 2019

A screenshot taken from a video shows a riot police pointing a revolver at a protester in his self defense.

A Hong Kong anti-government protester has been shot by a riot police officer, becoming the first kind of injury in the Pro- democracy demonstration in Hong Kong ongoing for four months now.

Defying a protest ban in the city yesterday ( Oct 1) labelled by China in order to celebrate the country’s 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic, tens of thousands protesters disguised in black clothes and masks took to the street in the central Hong Kong and 5 other districts.

A video uploaded in social sites shows that a man of 18 years old, swinging what appears to be a metal pole at the police officer was shot in the chest at a very close point range by the officer in what condition police say he(the riot police) felt ‘his life was under serious threat.’

The video shows the man lying on the ground calls for help, “”Send me to hospital. My chest is hurting, I need to go to hospital.”

The man is undergoing surgery and his condition is not known to the public.

Police chief Stephen Lo was quoted saying in South China Morning Post that an independent investigation into the case will be launched and an allegation of assault against the young man.

Although police have been reported to fire rubber bullets in the past, this is the first time of injury by a live ammunition. Police fired 5 live shots in different location in the yesterday’s protest.

Protesters took to the street in various places spreading a message to the international level what organizers said ‘the day of grief’ rather than celebration. They had blocked roads in some areas.

Police fired tear gases and spray pepper at the protesters while protesters threw petrol bombs to the riot police.

At least 66 people were injured in the clashes and two were in critical condition. The local media reports of the arrest of at least 180 people.

Sparked by a controversial Extradition bill, now withdrawn already, pro-democracy demonstrators have been putting forward five demands while the government is unwilling to fulfill some of them.

The first pro-democracy movement was started in June condemning the government’s move to enact the Extradition bill.