Nepal ahead in ensuring rights of sexual minorities


Nepal, February 24, 2019 (RSS)

Nepal leads in South Asia in terms of ensuring rights to the sexual and gender minorities. The Constitution of Nepal (2015) and the Civil Code, 2074 (2017) make clear provision for the rights of this community.
Regulations also provide for easy access to citizenship and passport for people of this community. They are now provided distinct identity in the official documents. As a result, constitutional and legal recognition has helped members of this community to open up in the society.
“Nepal leads in South Asia in terms of the rights of gender and sexual minorities, while process is underway to also recognize marriage within this community,” said Bharat Raj Sharma of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.
However, there are still some obstacles for people of this community to be treated in par with other members of the society, says Puspa Lama of the Blue Diamond Society. Lama emphasized on enforcement of the constitutional and legal provisions concerning the sector.
“We are still treated differently, as if we are from a different planet, which is discouraging us to come out confidently,” Lama said.
Under-Secretary at the Ministry Mithu Thapa stressed on the need for changing people’s mentality to establish people from the third gender in the society, while members of the community also need to assume their responsibilities and duties as a citizen and member of the society.
Another problem with the community is the lack of an official data about their population, which obstructs formulation of plans for their development and advancement.