Nirbhaya gang rape convicts hanged

  • March 20, 2020

Four convicts in Nirbhaya gang rape case have been sentenced to death in India.

Akshay Kumar Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh, who were involved in the gang rape, were hanged at Tihad Jail in Delhi on Friday morning at 5:30.

Earlier, an accused had appealed to the Supreme Court against the death order issued by the court. All four were sentenced to death as Supreme Court decided not to grant amnesty.

Nirbhaya, a name used by media to keep the victim’s real name confidential, was a gang rape on December 16, 2012 on a bus driven by Nirbhaya over Ram Singh.

Ram Singh committed suicide in Tihad Jail on 2013. One of the convicts has been sent to a rehabilitation home, saying he was not an adult at the time of the crime.

Nirbhaya, who was brutally raped and attacked by six people, died in Singapore on December 29, 2012 while undergoing treatment. After the inhumane incident of Nirbhaya who was studying Medical Science, it was strongly opposed and many protested in India.

Following the incident, there was widespread pressure to review the law against women violence. India then formed the Justice Verma Committee and on the basis of recommendation, had arranged for the death penalty for offenses like rape on 2013.