Russian Instagram influencer found dead in a suitcase

  • July 31, 2019

Screenshots from Ms. Karglonava’s Instagram page – her followers likened her to popular film actor Audrey Hepburn (Katti_loves_life/Instagram)

A Russian Instagram influencer, Ekaterina Karaglanova, has been found dead in Moscow. Police discovered her body inside a suitcase with knife wounds. Ms. Karaglanova, besides being an Instagram influencer with 90,000 followers was also a practicing dermatologist, holding residency at a medical school in Moscow. Ms. Karaglanova maintained an active Instagram page – sharing her travel and lifestyle stories. Her followers likened her to popular film star ‘Audrey Hepburn’.

According to Russian media reports, Ms. Karaglonova was scheduled to visit The Netherlands to celebrate her birthday on 30 July. But her parents grew concerned when they tried to contact her ahead of the trip. They requested the landlord for access to the apartment when they found her body in a suitcase in the hallway. Her father requested an ambulance, but Ms. Karaglow was already dead with a ‘slit throat’.

‘There are no signs of struggle in the apartment, and no weapon was found at the scene’, police said. Police suggested ‘jealousy’ could be a motive for murder, and said CCTV footage showed a ‘former boyfriend visiting her property around the same time of her murder’, however they cannot make conclusions.

The matter is being investigated further.