SCAM ALERT: An email claiming to be from Facebook is asking for personal details, don’t share them

  • August 9, 2019

Screenshot of the fake email. Image: NSW Police Force

A phishing email, claiming to be from ‘Facebook’ is asking for personal details – police and Mailguard is asking users to be extra ‘vigilant’. The email (screenshot shown above) states the ‘recipient’s ability to post to Facebook has been disabled. In order to ‘re-enable’ posting, it then asks users to verify their identity by emailing copies of passport, Medicare details and driver’s license.”

“Don’t respond and delete immediately”, NSW Police has said.

According to MailGuard, “this email scam preys on Facebook’s 800m+ users who use the social media network to view and post new content on an everyday basis. By claiming to disable such a key feature of the platform, cybercriminals behind the scam aim to spark panic and concern among recipients, motivating them to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Several techniques have also been employed to boost the legitimacy of the email, such as a convincing sender domain.”

If you have received this email, report it to [email protected]  or through the report links that appear throughout Facebook. More information can be found on Facebook’s Help Centre.