Three Nepalis dead in a car accident in Missouri, U.S.

  • September 5, 2019

Image: Koam News Now

Tragedy has struck a family in Missouri, U.S. after another car rear-ended an east bound Toyota Rav 4. The Toyota Rav 4 had five occupants – all immediate family.

Pravash Ojha, a U.S. citizen of Nepali descent was east bound along Interstate 44 of the Missouri Highway 249 interchange on Tuesday afternoon. The car had five occupants – driver Pravash Ojha, Ojha’s wife Shraddha Ojha Khanal in the passenger seat, their four year old son fastened in a child-restraint at the back, and Shraddha’s parents Govinda Khanal and Shanta Khanal at the back.

Around 3 p.m, the car was eastbound in the third lane of I-44 and was struck in the rear by a Toyota pickup truck when he stopped in traffic. Shraddha’s father Govinda Khanal died at the accident scene itself while she and her mother passed was taken to a nearby hospital, wherein they succumbed to their injuries. The four year old boy and father Pravash were taken to a nearby hospital – both are said to be stable.

The name of the other driver involved has not been released. The accident remains under investigation by the major crash team of the Joplin Police Department.

Pravash and Shanta, originally from Morang, Nepal were US citizens. Shraddha’s parents were visiting their family.