#trashtag challenge is going viral for all the good reasons

Prativa Shrestha

March 14, 2019

Over the weekend a new challenge went viral with #trashtag in which people are uploading pictures of polluted backgrounds and after the cleanup in social media.

The challenge is witnessing people going to an area full of garbage and cleaning up the area and posting before and after pictures with #trashtag. They are picking up trash from green areas, sidewalks, rivers and beaches.

Originally started by UCO Gear, an outdoor gear company, in 2015, the challenge was renewed by Byron Román on March 6, 2019 with a Facebook post. He challenged the bored teens to go to an area which needs cleaning or maintenance, fix it and post the picture in social media. The post went viral and led to positive outcomes.

People from all around the world are posting the before and after pictures of their cleaning in different social media platforms. A post from Nepal has also gone viral which has garnered a huge appreciation from Nepal and other parts of world. It has resulted in chain reaction with other Nepalese cleaning their local areas and posting their pictures.

#trashtag seems to be trending. This one’s from Nepal ?? from r/pics


Many dangerous challenges have gone viral in social media in recent history like Kiki dance challenge in which people walk out of moving car and dance in busy streets, Tide pod challenge, rotating corn challenge, etc. Unlike those, this challenge has inspired people to actually make a positive difference to the environment.