Transparency International report suggests corruption perception down in Nepal

Out of 180 countries, Nepal has been able to rank in 110th position in Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

According to the report of 2022 unveiled by Transparency International, a global anti-corruption group that published the report annually, Nepal made a slight improvement by seven positions in the global rankings.

The organisation uses a scale of 0 to 100, where a nation with 100 is considered the least corrupt while lower number indicates higher corruption.

Nepal has been ranked in the 110th position by receiving 34 points in 2022 while the nation was ranked in the 117th position in 2021 with 33 points.

Organising a program on Tuesday in Kathmandu, Transparency International Nepal informed that corruption still remains rampant in the nation despite slight improvement.

Among South Asian countries, Bhutan ranked in 25th position, India in 85th and Sri Lanka in 101st position. While other countries including Pakistan at 140th position, Bangladesh at 147th and Afghanistan at 150th position remained behind Nepal.

Similarly, Denmark is in the first position with 90 points while Somalia is in the last position with 12 points.

The survey was carried out on various topics, including work performance of public office holders, access of civil society in information, import, export, public service, contract, judicial decision, trade, business, corruption, bribe, misuse of public post by the representatives of government, parliament, judiciary and security bodies for personal interest.