404th Week Of Bagmati River Clean-Up Mega Campaign:10 Metric Tonnes Waste Managed Today

A total of 10 metric tonnes of waste was managed from the Bagmati River in Kathmandu valley today. As a part of the 404th week of Bagmati Clean up Mega Campaign, the wastes were collected from the River near Shiva Temple at local Aloknagar.

According to campaigner Kishsna Singh Shahi, Bagmati Integrated Development Committee chiar Uddhav Prasad Timilsina, newly appointed project chief Rabindra Bohora, KMC Ward-11 chair Hiralal Tandukar, among others had participated in the clean-up today.

The newly-appointed project chief Bohara was welcomed by the Mega Campaign today. On the occasion, Committee chair Timilsina and project chief Bohara expressed the determination to make the Bagmati River clean at the earliest.

The Mega Campaign was initiated on May 19, 2013. Along with the Bagmati, its tributaries are also being cleaned as part of this campaign. Drawing a leaf from the Bagmati Clean-up Mega Campaign, such clean-up works are taking place at 106 various places across the country at persent.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,