A Girl From Remote Rural Village In Mugu Sets An Example As Independent, Successful Woman

Durga, a simple girl of a rural village in Mugu, has earned her identity as a tourist guide wading through dire circumstances- traditional role assigned by the society.

In the traditional Nepali society, it is customary to give general adult education to the daughter and load her with the domestic chores. There are gender roles and both the sexes have to abide by them. However, such roles restrict and limit girls to think out of the box.

But, Durga is not the ordinary girl who conceded under her circumstances. The rural society of Durga Rawal in Mugu expected her to be a simple village girl without aspirations. However, Durga, a daughter of mother Lati Rawal and father Top Bahadur Rawal, residents of Rawalbada tole, Bhamwada village of Chhayanath Rara Municipality-4, resisted traditional social stereotype and made her way forward.

Even while performing domestic work and herding cattle at her village with her friends wearing Guniyucholo and Kurta (traditional Nepali clothing for a woman), Durga made her dreams and was waiting for the right opportunity to cash in.

One fine day her aunt from the same village encouraged her to take part in a tourist guide training through a women’s empowerment organization in Pokhara. She grabbed the opportunity and went to Pokhara to train herself as a tourist guide for one month.

As it goes, hard work and inspiration are a way to success, Durga strived to be the skilled tourist guide. She nurtured her skills and that gave her independence as well as the name in the society. The same society which pulled her back now sees her as a role model for other girls.

Durga said, “I became a tourist guide for the first time in 2008 after training by the Women’s Empowerment Organization in Pokhara. This was the stepping stone for me to learn the basics of the tourist guide service. With hard work, I have finally earned my identity”

Durga recalls her first guide experience in Anapurna base camp and said, “Language became the main barrier as I was not fluent in both Nepali and English. However, I worked through it.”

Undaunted, the tourist guide continued her profession and wanted to show that she had done something for society. Rightly so, she has established herself as the tourist guide with her strong determination and hard work.

Even though Durga is in Pokhara for work, a helping hand is found for Mugu. She handed over winter clothes to 17 deaf students of Gamgadhi High School in Mugu. And, has supported some of Mugu’s patients as per her capacity.

Referring to her experience, Durga says, “It is our society that caged their daughters and cut off their wings.”

Durga adds, daughter can also spread their wings of aspirations if they are not chained.

“I have received a simple adult education. But, I never gave up so I have achieved success,” she said.  If given opportunity, then the rural girls can contribute to society, she viewed.

Now, Top Rawal, father of Durga, regrets his discriminatory behavior toward his daughter.

Top said, “I am satisfied with my daughter’s work because she has been loyal and diligent towards her work.”

Lati Rawal never imagined her daughter with simple education could achieve so much in life.

She highlighted the contribution of her daughter to generate awareness of the harmful traditional customs in society. “My daughter is no less than a son who brings food to our table”. 

Source : THE RISING NEPAL, Photo : TRN,