Agreement Signed For Construction Of Mini-Grid Project

The Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) have initiated construction of a mini-grid connecting the micro and small hydroelectricity projects unreached by the national transmission grid.

NEA Engineering Company and the AEPC have recently signed an agreement with the objective of carrying out detailed feasibility study for the construction of a mini-grid by connecting the seven micro and small hydel projects being developed in Jumla district of Karnali Province.

AEPC’s Executive Director Madhu Sudan Adhikari and NEA engineering Company Limited’s Director and NEA Deputy Manager, Hitendra Dev Shakya, signed the agreement in this connection.

The Company will carry out the detailed feasibility study as well as the engineering design of the mini-grid project. The AEPC will bear the financial assistance for the same.

Under the project, six projects developed with the AEPC’s grant assistance and one developed with NEA’s support would be connected to the mini-grid which will, in turn, be connected to the National Transmission Line.

The 200 kilowatts capacity Ghughuti Small Hydroelectricity Project located at Chandannath Municipality in the district headquarters is constructed with the NEA assistance while the 200 kilowatts capacity Girikhola Small Hydroelectricity Project at Tatopani Rural Municipality, the 100 kilowatts Juwanadi Thinkebandh Micro Hydroelectricity Project at Chandannath Municipality and the 45 kilowatts capacity Triveni Micro Hydroelectricity Project at Patarashi Rural Municipality are constructed with the assistance of AEPC.

Likewise, the 31 kilowatts capacity Luma Micro Hydroelectricity Project, the 50 kilowatts capacity Dillichaur Micro Hydel Project and the 198 kilowatts Chukeni Khola Small Hydroelectricity Project are developed with AEPC support.
The mini-grid will have the capacity of 1.624 megawatts.

Source : RSS,