CC Recommends In Vacant Posts Of Constitutional Bodies, Rai For CIAA Chief Commissioner

The meeting of the Constitutional Commission (CC) has recommended various persons for the vacant posts in different constitutional bodies.

According to the National Assembly Chairman and CC Member Ganesh Timilsina, the CC meeting held on December 15 and on Sunday recommended the names in different constitutional bodies.

Prem Kumar Rai was recommended to the post of Chief Commissioner to the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Jaya Bahadur Chand, and Kishor Kumar Silwal as the commissioners of the CIAA.

Similarly, Ram Prasad Bhandari and Janaki Tuladhar were recommended for the posts of commissioners of Election Commission, Tap Bahadur Magar to the post of chairman, Dr. Surya Dhungel, Manoj Duwadi and Lili Basnet to the post of members of the National Human Rights Commission.

The meeting also recommended Juddha Bahadur Gurung and Amar Raj Mishra as the members of the National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission. Likewise, Kamala Kumari Parajuli was recommended for the post of Chairperson of National Women Commission and Krishna Kumari Poudel and Rita Kumari Sinha as the members of the commission.

The CC meeting also recommended Mohmuddhin Ali and Nirja Arsat Begam as the members Muslim Commission.

It is stated that the Constitutional Council Secretariat has also informed the Parliament Secretariat about its decisions.

Source : RSS,