DAO, Chitwan Urges People To Observe Festivals Indoors

The district administration office, Chitwan has urged the residents of the district to celebrate this year’s Dashain, Tihar and Chhath festivals indoor due to global COVID-19 pandemic.

It urged the people not to roam and involve in gathering unnecessarily and follow health guidelines.

Sports, fairs, festivals and puja at temples on the occasion of the festivals have been banned, according to a 14-point notice issued by assistant chief district officer Ram Bahadur Shahi.

Activities like production and sale of alcohol, drunk-driving, causing untoward incidents under the influence of alcohol, sale of substandard products, black marketeering and gambling are punishable.

People have been urged not to exchange best wishes, play Deusi Bhailo, explode firecrackers, cause noise pollution and collect donation illegally on the occasion of the festivals.

The district recorded over 2,700 infection cases so far.

Source : RSS,