Doctors Reach Homes Of COVID-19 Patients

Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City has started providing treatment facilities to the COVID-19 patients, who are in home isolation.
Consultant doctors are mobilised in all the 23 wards of the Sub-Metropolitan City to monitor the situation of the COVID-19 patients and treat them.
Deputy Mayor Uma Thapa Magar said that the door-to-door counseling for the COVID patients was conducted in coordination with the Nepal Medical Association, Bheri.
“We are concerned about the health of the infected people, so the consultant doctors are visiting the houses of the infected people,” said Magar.
With this service, the infected people are developing their confident to fight the virus, said Magar, adding that the doctors were also prescribing required medicines.
The infected people have become happy after doctors started visiting them.
Chief of the health section of the Sub Metropolitan City Ram Bahadur Chand said that the infected people were also provided with health materials.
Chand said that coordination from all sectors was essential to fight the pandemic and added that the home visits of doctors have sent a positive message to all.
A total of 8,200 people were infected in Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City and 65 persons of them died.