Electric Fencing Put In Place Around Nichajhoda Jungle To Ward Off Wild Elephants

The Chandragadhi Community Forest User Group in Jhapa district have decided to put an electric fence around Nichajhoda forest for the first time to prevent the entry of wild elephants into Bhadrapur Municipality-9 in Jhapa district and to protect the locals.

In the electric fencing procured from India, the alternative current (AC) is converted into direct current (DC) a process called rectification, which helps ward off the wild beasts.

Chandragadhi Community Forest User Group’s Chairperson Hira Pokharel shared that the electric fence was also used in Koshi Tappu Reserve and in Lahan (Saptari) to get rid of wild elephant menace.

The State No 1 government had provided Rs 1.4 million to the Community Forest User Group and Rs 2 million was received from Physical Infrastructure Development Budget for procuring the electric fencing from Gujarat State of India, informed federal parliament member Surendra Karki.After rectification, the electric shock does not become lethal.

It just gives a shock.    
A herd of 10 to 13 tuskers have been staying in the local jungles in Jhapa and occasionally enter human settlements causing damages to human lives and their properties.  

Source: RSS, Photo: RSS,