Fifteen more, including two doctors test positive for COVID-19 in Birgunj

As many as 15 persons including two health workers have tested positive for COVID-19 in Parsa.

Dr. Nirah Singh of Narayani Hospital confirmed the latest update stating all results were based on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests.

The newly infected patients belong are from 23 years to 56 years, and fourteen of them males, while one of them is female. Majority of the newly infected patients are from Birgunj, and most of them had voluntarily reached the hospital for tests.

A 26-year old doctor of Shripur, Birgunj Metropolitan City (BMC)-11 and a 40-year old doctor of Birta, BMC-4, working in Narayani Hospital were found with the virus infection.

The virus infection was detected in the 26-year old doctor during contact tracing held after his father tested positive for the virus while the 40-year old doctor had been suffering from fever since the last five days.

Likewise, a 31-year old official of Naryani Hospital has also tested positive for the virus.

Moreover, a 45-year old female of BMC-11, 55 and 33-year old old male of BMC-7, 34 and 25-year old male of BMC-13 were also identified with the virus infection.

Three males aged 48, 56 and 26 of Jagadamba Enterprises, a 23-year old male detained in detention center of Parsa District Police Office, 23-year old male of Birgunj-23, who had returned from Banglore and a 46-year old male placed in quarantine in Saraswoti Secondary School have also contracted the virus.

The virus infection was confirmed in a 41-year old male of Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan city-5 as well.

Currently, 57 COVID-19 patients including 10 females are receiving treatment in the isolation ward at Gandak Temporary COVID-19 Hospital, Dr. Singh informed. Due to lack of additional isolation beds, 42 COVID-19 patients of Parsa have not been admitted to the temporary hospital.

With confirmation of 15 new cases, management of COVID-19 patients in isolation has become more challenging.

Most of the infected persons have been kept in quarantine centers while few are placed in home isolation.