Finance Ministry Gives Permission For Establishing Basic Hospitals At Local Level

The federal government has ensured resources for the establishment of the total 396 basic hospitals at local level in the first phase. Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel granted permission to the Ministry of Health and Population to move forward infrastructure development worth Rs 57.97 billion in this regard.

The Finance Ministry has decided to grant permission to the Ministry to forward contract process to construct five-to-15-bed basic hospitals to be completed within two years, said the Ministry’s Spokesperson Rameshwor Dangal.

The funds to be used in the construction would be included in the annual budget of the Health Ministry and the budget would be provided to local level as grant with condition.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry has released Rs 6.12 billion to local level for the construction of basic hospitals in local level. A meeting attended by Minister Poudel and Minister for Health and Population Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal a month ago decided to lay the foundation stone for the construction of hospital buildings on November 30 under the programme to ensure quality basic health service to citizens.

The policies and programmes for the fiscal year, 2020/21 has mentioned the establishment of five-to-15-bed basic hospitals at all local levels of the country.

Source : RSS,