Foreign Ministry Requests Nepalis To Return From Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has requested Nepalis living in Ukraine to return via available commercial flights by analysing the situation there.
Issuing a notice on Wednesday, the MoFA urged Nepalis with no important works there to return.

“We also request people without important works to not fly to Ukraine in the present situation,” read the statement.
The MoFA informed that the Embassy of Nepal in Berlin, Germany, was in contact with more than 38 Nepalis in Ukraine.

As per the Nepalese Embassy in Berlin, which is concurrently accredited to Ukraine, all those Nepalis were safe.
Nepalis living in Ukraine have also been requested to contact the Embassy in Berlin where one can reach Secretary Sahara Chaulagain through phone (+491709808063) or e-mail ([email protected]). The individuals can seek necessary help from Chaulagain.

Similarly, Nepalis in Ukraine can also contact the Embassy of Nepal in Moscow, Russia as well.
“For necessary help, Nepalis can contact Sushil Ghimire, acting ambassador for Nepal to Russia, by phone (+79680702815) or email ([email protected]),” the statement read.

Source : TRN,