Foundation Laid For Industrial Zone

Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Gandaki Bikam Lamsal laid the foundation stone for the industrial zone being established in Tarakhola rural municipality on Saturday.

The industrial zone is being established as per the government’s policy of ‘one local level, one industrial zone’. Located at Armabhumi in ward no. 1 of the rural municipality, the zone spreads over 138 ropani of the land. It will have investment from all the three tiers-central, provincial and local.

Development of a detail project report and other infrastructure work have been initiated with the budget of Rs. 9.2 million appropriated by the federal Ministry of Industry, said Chairperson of the rural municipality, Prakash Gharti. Likewise, the provincial government has pledged Rs. 6.5 million for this fiscal year.

Ten industries promoting local raw materials and local labour are going to be established in the zone.

Source : RSS,