Gongabu Murder: Police make weapons and murderer public (Photo Feature)

Nepal Police, amidst a Press Meet have made the murderer’s identity public on Tuesday. The victim has been identified as Rolpa’s Krishna Bahadur Bohara, and the perpetrator as Kalpana Mudbhary Poudel. Poudel was arrested from Chitwan on Monday.

37 year old Kalpana is being taken away by officers of Nepal Police (Image: Nepalese Voice)

According to the police, Kalpana fed Krishna 5 sleeping pills which were crushed and mixed with a bowl of yogurt.

Once unconscious, she then choked him to death with a shawl, and dismembered his body with a kitchen knife before disposing his body. The incident occurred on Saturday night between 8 to 10 p.m.

Kalpana, a permanent resident of Chitwan used to live around Gongabu area. The victim used to live in a guest house in the same area, and knew Kalpana since past two to three years.

It is said, Kalpana faced routine sexual harrassment from the hands of the victim, and therefore was motivated to carry out the action.

Police have also taken into custody Kalpana’s daughter, who is said to have no involvement in the murder, but however had assisted Kalpana dispose the body of Bohara.


Police make public the materials used during the murder of Krishna Bahadur Mahara (Image: Nepalese Voice)
Knife used to dismember the victim. (Image: Nepalese Voice)