Government Releases National Water Resources Policy

The government has released ‘National Water Resources Policy-2077’ with a long-term thought for making multi-dynamic, equitable and sustainable development of water resources and making economic prosperity and social transformation from its multipurpose.

Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Barshaman Pun, said that the policy was released after around four year’s hard work and common initiative of the concerned people, groups and bodies.

The policy has set a target to contribute for economic prosperity and social transformation by protecting, promoting and multipurpose development of water resources.

Contributing in the growth of the national production, conservation, development and management of water resources areas by equitable development and use of water resources is the objective of the policy.

Similarly, water resources area would be developed by distributing water resources-related services in an easy and equitable manner for the fulfillment of people’s necessity, to conserve, development and use of water resources at coordination of federation, provinces and local levels.

The policy has the objective of developing and using the water resources, lessening water-induced disaster and minimizing losses by lessening negative impact on economic, social and environmental side.

The policy has determined 11 strategies. It has a policy to carry out study and research in water resources sector, capacity building of concerned organisation and human resources.

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