Healthcare workers advise public to practice caution as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise

On Saturday evening, 4th July, 2020, Nepal reported 15,491 confirmed cases of COVID-19. On them, 6,415 have recovered, and 34 deaths have been recorded.

The statistic on June 4, one month ago, was 2634 confirmed cases, and the month before that, on May 4 was 75 cases.

Noticing the pattern, several health care workers are advising the public to practice caution, namely:

  1. Wearing a mask when going out,
  2. Practicing physical distance of at least 2 metres,
  3. Maintaining hand hygiene
  4. Avoiding unnecessary physical contact.

“We have to take extra precautions. As the cases spike, following the rules and maintaining habits of frequent hand washing, not going out except in emergency, using masks and keeping social distance is a must,” said Dr. Sharad Onta, a public health expert to Ajita Rijal, a reporter for The Rising Nepal.

According to Dr. Onta, it is not easy to say when the virus will be contained, or will reach the peak as it depends on the exit rate and the testing scope. The recovery rate and death define the exit way of the virus and scope of testing is the intervention into the disease, added Dr. Onta.

Though there are continuous spikes in the number of COVID-19 cases, 99 per cent of them are asymptomatic, said Dr. Pandey. “96 per cent of the cases have come home from abroad and four per cent have no travel history to infection zones or close contact with the infected,” added Dr. Pandey.

The warnings are coming at a time when the public is lacking discipline in their daily life activities – for example, people are thronging market areas. Several people are traveling without urgent need, and many are seen not wearing masks.

Therefore, several health care workers and experts are warning the public about a severe spike in cases unless necessary practices are taken.