Home Ministry Cautions Against Increased Risk Of Infection During Festivals

The Ministry of Home Affairs has directed the security bodies and administration offices under it to remain aware as there is likelihood of coronavirus infection further spreading during the festival time.

It has drawn the attention of bodies under it towards the increased risk of the infection during the festivals in the context of its rapid spread in the country which is adding challenges in its prevention, control and management.

The Ministry has directed the Chief District Officer and the chiefs of the district based security bodies not to leave the districts even during the Dashain holiday period with a view to mitigating the risk as it is likely to increase with the growing movement of people during the festivals like Bada Dashain, Tihar, Chhat and Nepal Sambat, among others.

Likewise, it has instructed all the security agencies and the Chief District Officers to adopt all possible measures, in a coordinated manner, for reducing the risk, Ministry’s spokesperson Chakra Bahadur Budha said.

The Ministry, through a press note on Monday, stated that strictly abiding the health safety protocols approved by the government was the only reliable measure to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. It has also urged one and all to celebrate the festivals in a safe manner.

The security bodies have been directed to prepare security plan focused on the festival period and to make foolproof security arrangement to prevent any untoward or criminal activity like theft, quarrels, robbery, cheating, artificial shortage and black marketeering from taking place.

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